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  •      The image at the top of the page is a self-portrait with a few modifications. The perceptive viewer will notice I've fiddled with the eyes a bit. I've inserted images of my favorite place in the universe: the California Delta at sunset, as viewed from the wheel of a steamboat. As time goes by I hope to add more photo-collages and they will be posted below.
         Scanned-in images aren't quite as good as the originals, so I'm not going to post them any more. To see my collages, new or old format, get copies of Art/Life magazine. Their website has scanned images of works by other artists, with much better resolution than I could achieve in any case.
         Art/Life magazine is a collation of signed, numbered 8-1/2 x 11 in. pages of neat and weird things that frequently aren't entirely flat, so you are missing something if you don't grab a copy! They are the premiere outlet for creative individuals who, for one reason or another, eschew more formal venues such as galleries. An additional benefit to seeing the original is being able to read the backs of the pages which, in the case of some of my works, include detailed descriptions of the processes used to create them, as well as other bits of trivia.
         Since there are only 150 copies printed each month (and they costs $35.- apiece!) your best bet is to start hanging around big museums: there are more or less complete sets of Art/Life at larger museums in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago as well as in Europe and Japan. Art/Life is sold at the Guggenheim, at the Museum of Modern Art and at various other nooks and crannies around the world.

         10/00:I love visual puns. I had wanted to do this one for some time, but I was unable to locate a real live person to model the requisite outfit in the desired pose. Eventually I had to settle for "found art" and composite the images. Nevertheless it came out pretty good. It will be the first in a short series that I have in mind. I call this one "Bondo and Discipline".

    Some Artsy-Fartsy Links:

    Galleries, Individual and Group

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    Mixed Media & Weird Stuff

  •    The Daily Barbie
  •    Michael Hayden; friend of a friend, but a badly-written website with non-functional "back" link!


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  •     Relinquished Art
  •     cacarts.com bronze and wood sculptures; hope you like annoying music, too..
  •     Susan Nolan's life-size soft sculptures; very kewl...
  •     Rolling ball Web, with links to clocks too
  •     The Colorado Academy of Silversmithing and Art Metal
  •     Metal Things welded metal furniture and sculpture
  •     Dave Wright Welding has a forum set up
  •     Sociey of American Silversmiths


  •     the Fray, a poetry site
  •     Postcards From America

    Miscellaneous and Other

  •     Alphabetical index of Traffic Signs with the most commonly used traffic signs in the United States
  •    Art of the Net
  •     Stig's "Callie Littlefield Memorial Knock-Off Day"
  •     hundertwasser
  •     The Artist's Friend
  •     coagula.com
  •     Dimensional-Art.com
  •     Eric Kroll Photographs kinky stuff from a weird friend...
  •     Fishtank Soundworks, a collective of musicians, artists, and other such creative entities
  •     rhinodev.com
  •     Nationwide list of arts and crafts classes
  •     The National Teapot Show
  •     A HUGE Art History website

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