I'd be grateful if anyone could give me leads to the following stuff

I'm desperate for more of these cable clamps. Not sure of the correct technical term, but the i.d. has to be 5/16 in., to fit my chuck keys. The local electronic surplus place doesn't have them in the right size and, of course, Radio Shack is hopeless...

Photo #1: Here's the part
Photo #2: And here's the

Holler if you come across a small, i.e. 4ft max width, but 3/8" min capacity Press Brake: a "beater" would do nicely for my shop.

Have you heard tell of a good graphic "site mapper"?? My webpage has nearly 250 pages now and keeping track of internal links is just about impossible. Much to my surprise, Tucows (which I thought had one each of everything) doesn't list any!

If you can help with any of the above, please email steamer@sonic.net

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