Dream Machines 2004

It's been six years since I was able to make the pilgrimage to this awesome event. As I had specific targets in mind for the types of vehicles I was trying to find I managed to walk through the show much faster this time around. Although there seemed to be maybe twice the number of vintage cars, I didn't spend as much time oogling these. I skipped over these "ordinary" vehicles and walked briskly towards the custom ones, concentrating on the downright weird. I was particularly looking for designs and construction methods that I could adapt to a vehicle that I could build in time for Burning Man, which happens in early September this year. As it turned out I met a few BM "veterans" at the show and I came away with a totally different strategy than the one I had planned on before attending; I'm glad I went!

As usual the event was held at the little municipal airport just North of Half Moon Bay, CA. And as usual in addition to gazillions of cars and motorcycles there were a smattering of antique steam and gas engines to be seen; not as many as the last time I was there though. The one or two items that caught my eye (and one that caught my wallet!!) are shown below.

--At guess I'd put the count at 1,000 autos, maybe 200 motorcycles (not as well organized as last time) and maybe a hundred odd bits; i.e. my bread and butter. With the exception of one main runway, all open spaces were again covered with stuff, as well as a monster crowd of people and happy dogs. The downside was to be found when we decided to hit the road. Unlike the '99 event the "back door" exit had been closed and there was but one remaining way in or out. Result: it took us 37 minutes from the time we got into my truck until I made it as far as the highway!! I hope this snafu is rectified soonest!

--Photos follow; if, perchance, you know of links to other photo spreads of the event let me know and I'll start a list of related links.

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