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The table below lists all known "wired" steamboat enthusiasts.

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NAME/Email Webpage Steamboat, Home Port
Bell, Dave ??? S.L. SLOW BEL, Beaverton, OR
Blain, Gerry NONE 27ft, unknown
Cardoza, Larry NONE Fake-A-Loo, last known to have a BIG hole in it!
Cody, William NONE it's a 30-footer and was for sale, last I heard!
Dewey, Dave Micahala for sale!
Duffy, John H. Webpage no workee! Lady Anne
Dunlop, Al ??
Fehn, John NONE NONE
Fossum, Ron S/L Artemis
Friese, John NONE has a very pretty collection of un-named model steamboats
Ginger, Ron S/L Norman D
Grosjean, Charles NONE S/L Wayward Belle, aka the "San Diego Clipper", last known to be for sale (619-748-8407)
Guldenbrein, Todd NONE NONE
Haas, Edward "Steamboat Ed" Haas S/L Pegasus
Hargreaves, Jack NONE Fantail launch; Stuart 6-A, 39sq.ft.; boiler: WT Yarrow
Leutza, Bud NONE Santa Cruz II, 27ft
May, Hal ??? Has one a-building in Vancouver, WA
Metzner, Don NONE Idltime, 16ft steel lifeboat
Mietzner, Leroy, President of the NWSS Northwestern Steam Society S/L Bug
Morley, Chris ??? ???
Pickersgill, Howard ??? City of Lakeport
Noble, John NONE S/L Ranel II, (714-783-3726)
Shockey, Jim ??? ???
Smaalders, Bart Steamboaters Information Archive S/L Otter, 19ft LOA, Lune Valley boiler; engine is a converted air compressor
Smith, Gary ??? S/L Carol Ann, 26ft
Thompson, Don ??? Vital Spark
Thompson, Jack ??? ???
Thompson, Ron ??? ???
Truscott, Steven ??? ???
Twete, Myles ??? No boat yet; working on 8HP engine/boiler
Vanderlinde, Claas ??? ???
Vennerbeck, Dick S/L Narragansett S/L Narragansett
LOA: 27.5ft, with a York compound engine and a Roberts oil- or wood-fired boiler
Williams, Terry NONE an extremely rare steam outboard, wood fired with a pipe boiler
Winn, John Chimera ???

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