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The Quorn is a tool and cutter grinder. More specifically, it's a set of castings and a book describing how to machine the castings into a versatile machine that can do helical grinding as well as a variety of other special functions. This page contains links to photos of my own machine, as well as those others have built. There are also a few links to component sources and to information relating to it and to other kit-built tool and cutter grinders.

The machine was designed by the late Prof. D. H. Chaddock and a series of articles detailing its construction and use appeared in the magazine Model Engineer in the 1970s (I'll find the correct issue numbers and post them when I find them). In addition to being a useful tool, it is a spendid example of what can be done in a home shop with a little care, a lot of skill and a ton of determination.

The castings are very well made and include several components made not of cast iron but of cast steel, which is quite fun to machine. A motor was included when I bought the package, but it was a 220v single phase job, so those who only have 110v might want to think about supplying their own motor. Back when I bought the castings the whole thing cost a whopping $110! I imagine the cost has risen by now, but it is sure to be a bargain compared to buying even a used T&C grinder. It is sure to be more compact as well, since it is scaled to the needs of the home shop machinist.

In addition to the links that follow, what one needs most to build the machine are a number of special one-of-a-kind setups. At the heart of any successful project there are a variety of jigs and fixtures. I already have a Jigs and Fixtures page up and in future I hope to provide photos of the setups I used (I'll recreate a few) as well as those that others have dreamed up to deal with the convoluted geometries of some of the more challenging components. Submissions are welcome!

Following is a list of links that aspiring builders will find useful.

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