The Problems:Ordinary Allen-type wrenches require 60 degrees of long-axis clearance. Ball-end wrenches can't deliver much torque and short-axis clearance is necessary to use them.

The Solution:-Z-Keys were designed to complement the wrenches you're using now. These special-purpose hex keys are bent on both ends: once across a flat and once across an angle of the hex. By flipping a Z-Key end-for-end you can reach fasteners with as little as 30 degrees of long-axis clearance (pictured: a typical puzzler). Unlike ball-end wrenches, no clumsy "cheater" is needed to apply high torque via the short axis.

Z-Keys are sold in sets of eleven wrenches for use with #2 through 5/16in. socket-head cap screws. Z-Keys are now available from MSC.

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