November, '97 News

11/29/97, Trip #2:

I'm back from the second of five trips that I have to make, between now and January. Just before leaving on the last excursion I got a call from a friend who has the same ISP as mine, who said that the rate structure for web access are changing: it's switching from a flat rate for 10MB on their server to a sliding scale, based on uploads to and downloads from my account. Based on recent figures, I see that nearly half the hits my page now receives are from my updated X-Rated section, so in an effort to focus my page a bit more towards useful stuff and to keep my rent down, I am reducing the content of that page to something less spectacular and a bit more practical.

I will restrict news of this trip to Hackers 13.0 to a few glittering generalities, i.e. it was great, I had something to contribute and I am happy to report that I didn't make a fool of myself when it came time to do my thing in front of the gathered throng. Many new and a few exquisite hacks were witnessed by yours truly and you can expect some of the more comercially viable ones to be in the stores in time for the holidays. As for some of the others, watch the skies!! 'Nuff said. There are links to some of the hacks I observed, scattered amongst Weird and Characters links. You can probably expect commentary from Jerry Pournelle to appear in an upcoming issue of Byte, too.

Trip #3 was for Thanksgiving and involved travelling about 1,500 miles in toto, with a minimum of 2 dogs and myself and a maximum of 3 dogs, 2 people and copious mall loot all jammed into my little Ranger, so I am feeling exceptionally overweight and a bit shagged out. Gotta start the oatmeal, fruit and exercise recovery program ASAP.

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