Dynachrome Brigade

Team Dynachrome Brigade is named after the armored batallion created by the late science fiction author Keith Laumer. In a series of novels he chronicled the "history" of this brigade of increasingly self-aware fighting machines. and of their valiant struggles to defend humanity against all aggressors. Similarly I believe that as time progresses battlebots will evolve towards more and more autonomous behaviour. Perhaps in some distant future these machines will evolve sentience as well. Until that tomorrow comes I'm building "dumb" machines that must slug it out in the Battlebox!


12-Pounder T-34B is being built in a class I'm taking at College of San Mateo. It's going to fight in the upcoming RobOlympics which takes place on the weekend of March 20 in San Francisco.

Middleweight T-34


Pogs for starters; money would be nice; toy contracts are, of course, a fantasy...


Upgrading T 34 is all the news that's fit to print. In other news I'm suddenly without a driver!! If you live in or near Santa Rosa, CA, know how to drive an R/C car and are interested in a quarter share of the loot, email me ASAP!

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