Dreams of May, 2004

One of the strangest dreams in recent memory and well worth setting down! So here I am, observer this time, rather than part of it, but I seem to be at a party of some sort. It turns out that some of the people there are sporting party favors in the form of propeller beanies; the props are being turned by small motors. Now it just so happens that one batch of beanies has a manufacturing flaw and the result is that everyone who puts one on gradually becomes aware that they are the reincarnation of someone else. One of the people at the party is eternal grump Patrick Macnee, aka John Steed of The Avengers TV show. He puts on a beanie and suddenly realizes that residing within his skull is none other than Elvis Presley. Ghostly I follow him and over the course of a few weeks he turns into an Elvis impersonator, complete with a rediculously garish home that's covered with over-gilded Baroque filigree, mirrors and bad statuary. There he sat, dressed in post-donut Elvis togs, complete with the pompadour, looking very perplexed. It was about then that a couple of dogs jumped me and I woke up!

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