Boat Building and Boating Enthusiast Links

(Links updated: 7/30/09)
Associations and Clubs

  •     The Hobby Steamboaters Web Ring

    Books, Magazines and Plans

  •, run by Joel Mills, who has recently added a section on stitch-and-glue boatbuilding techniques
  •     Boat Builders newsletter
  •     Bateau, a nicely laid-out page with plans arranged by type and length, with a color artist's rendering of each. Included are weights of finished boats.
  •     Chesapeake Light Craft, Inc. have plans for a nice little skiff that would make a great first steamboat with a LOA of 13ft 3in. and a beam of 4ft 2in.
  •     Devlin Design Boat Builders
  •     Salty boating links
  •     WoodenBoat Magazine; simply the best, but it takes a while to load (I should talk! :-) ). Check out their links page for plans, etc.

  • Chandleries and Hardware Sources

  •     Coast Chandlery of Santa Barbara (a little pricey, but they've got everything)
  •     West Marine

    Model Boat Stuff

  •     RC Warships hompage
  •     The InformationSeaway Ship Modellers List
  •     W - P Marine catalog of model boat kits; page not quite right yet

    Nautical Events

  •      ???

    Research and Software:

  •     The Decavitator Human Powered Hydrofoil page
  •     Phil's Foils Page
  •     The Information Seaway Ship Modelling & Nautical Research page
  •     These guys used to feature a demo propeller design program
  •     Vance Bass's valve gear .exe program doesn't seem to be working; anyone know the new link?

    Vessels with Homepages

  •     Steve Roberts' Microship Project
  •     "Skeeter" human-powered hydrofoil
  •     Steamship Robert (vintage: 1866) homepage
  •     Viking Longboats

    Miscellaneous Nautical Links

  •, buy and sell boats
  •     Speed Sailing Resource page


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