Art Car Progress: Feb, '05

I've got a rough idea of what I want to do now. Mainly I plan to drape either side of the vehicle with panels that will support EL wire in some configuration or other. First up is to provide a backbone to which all and sundry will be attached.

Photo #3 : First parts complete: these four adapter assemblies will fasten top of rollcage to 1/2 in. dia. horizontal tubes that will serve as the backbones. Rollbar fasteners will be 5/16"-18; cross tube fasteners are 1/4"-20.

Photo #4: First adapter bolted to (metric?) rollcage tube. Note cross hole to hold the tube or pipe in place.

Photo #5: Feb 4, '05: Adapters in place, clamped to two 1/2in. dia. horizontal tubes. Eventually I'll add two longer adapters forward, but the junkyard's out of the size aluminum I need. These will hold a third tube ahead of the other two. I'll weld plates onto both ends of all three tubes, connecting them fore and aft. Curved sections of 1/2 in. dia. tube will support fabric and EL-wire. These tubes will be bolted to the end plates. But I'm beginning to think the 1/2" dia., 1/16" wall  backbones  are too wimpy; I'll bore out the adapters and switch to larger dia. tubes with a thicker wall. These could be Formdrilled too...

Mucho RAIN during Feb and March; hard to get stuff done when there's no room to work indoors. Did a lot of planning and very little fabrication, sigh...

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